Where is there room?


A film about loss and longing, grief and relief, a mother and daughter. A film that blurs boundaries between documentary and fiction.

Duration: 7 min. 47 sec.
Directors/Producers: Sonali Gulati, Byron Karabatsos, Antonio Paez
Cast: Adella Espinosa, Gabriella Espinosa Paez, Sonali Gulati
Vocals: Meera Rajagopalan
Production Format: Super-16mm
Screening Format: DVD/ VHS (NTSC) BETA SP (NTSC)
Funded in part by: Temple University’s Department of Film & Media Arts, and PIFVA (Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association)


Fargo Film Festival

11th Annual James River Film Festival


26th Asian American International Film Festival, New York, NY
25th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, IL
25th Starz Denver International Film Festival, Denver, CO
Asian CineVision Festival National Tour 2003-2004
Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
Echo Park Film Center, “Tracing Memory-Tracking Family”, Los Angeles, CA
11th Annual James River Film Festival, Richmond, VA
Phoenix Art Museum “Tracing Memory-Tracking Family” , Phoenix, AZ
ArtWallah 2005, 6th Annual Arts Festival of the South Asian Diaspora, Hollywood, CA
SouthSide Film Festival, Bethlehem, PA
4th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival, San Diego, CA
Fargo Film Festival, Fargo, ND
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Asheville Film Festival, Asheville, NC
Sacramento Festival of Cinema, Sacramento, CA
Alonquin Film Festival, Warrington, PA
Johns Hopkins University Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
Fresh Frames: Film at the Prince Theater, Philadelphia, PA
Bearded Child Film Festival, Grand Rapids, MN
Cinema Salon - Sponsored by WHYY, Philadelphia, PA
New Jersey Student Film Festival, New Brunswick, NJ
Pennsylvania International Film Festival, Scranton, PA
Geis Student Research on Women Conference, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
ADA Gallery, Tracing Memory-Tracking Family, Richmond, VA
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India