Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night

Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night is a documentary on outsourcing of American jobs to India. Told from the perspective of an Indian living in the U.S., the film journeys into India’s call centers, where telemarketers acquire American names and accents to service the telephone-support industry of the U.S. The film incorporates animation, live action, and archival footage to explore the  complexities of globalization, capitalism, and identity.

Duration: 26 min. 40 sec.
Writer/Director: Sonali Gulati
Animation Cast: Maori Karmael Holmes, Jeff Perkins, Carolina Roca-Smith, Malati Rao
Production Format: Video
Screening Format: DVD/ VHS (NTSC) BETA SP (NTSC)

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Black Maria Film & Video Festival 2006

24th International Cinemateca Film Festival, Uruguay

39th Annual Humboldt International Film Festival

NextFrame Film Festival

16th Annual Rosebud Film & Video Festival

International Festival of Cinema and Technology (IFCT) 2008

International Festival of Cinema and Technology (IFCT) 2008


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International South Asian Film Festival, New York, NY
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NextFrame Film Festival, Juried Conference Screening UFVA (University Film & Video Association) Conference Columbia College, Chicago, IL
9th Annual Magnolia Independent Film Festival, Starkville, MS
DisOrient Asian American Film Festival, Eugene, OR
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
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Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival, Sarasota, FL
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11th Annual Chicago Asian American Film Festival, Chicago, IL
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City University of Hong Kong, Tuesday, March 27th , 2007, 6:30pm, Screening Room R2178
Asian American Film Festival, Hong Kong and Macau, SAR China
Roving Eye Documentary Film Festival, Bristol, RI
Open-Ended Festival of Time-Based Media, Richmond, VA
Television Broadcast on NDTV 24x7
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Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, FL          
Women of Color Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA            
Asian American Film Festival, Macau & China
National Museum of Women in the Arts' Festival of Film & Media Arts, Washington, D.C



“Insightful and humorous. A wonderful hybrid form that combines documentary footage with more whimsical animation and archival footage in this examination of the complex phenomenon of outsourcing jobs to India.”
—Kathy Brew, Managing/Co-Director, Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival

“Timely and telling.”
—Black Maria Film Festival

“Unfold[s] with wit and humor on a subject of global importance
that will keep you laughing all the way home and thinking therafter. Definitely a documentary worth watching.”
—Maya Kulkarni, South Asian Women's NETwork

"This energetic, humorous documentary on India’s call-centre culture skilfully educates the viewer on the resolute connection between class, Anglo-American colonial history, globalisation, and the clash between national and regional cultures...An invaluable teaching tool."
—Shefali Chandra, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

"A welcome addition to the cinema of globalization...explores with care and insight, the rigorous and fascinating training that hopeful call center operators in India pursue...a charming and revealing look at a cultural phenomenon we hear about but rarely see."
—Tom Zaniello, Northern Kentucky University, author of "The Cinema of Globalization" (2007)

“A wonderful film…draws on personal history and economic theory to reveal the complex and surprising trajectories of globalization. Filmmaker Sonali Gulati hangs up on annoying solicitation calls, until she encounters a voice that properly pronounces her name. Her curiosity aroused, she traces the call to New Delhi, India, where day and night have been inverted to accommodate the pull of American consumer culture.”
—Thomas Shevory, Professor of Politics, Ithaca College